To Dr. Captain Thoughtful

Today is my darling husband’s birthday so sit back and prepare yourselves peeps for some full on lovey dovey shit. It’s totally unavoidable because I married the loveliest man in existence.

To Dr. Captain Thoughtful,

Happy birthday my love! Batten down the metaphorical hatches because I plan on attacking you with so much love and thankfulness today – and also probably some unexpected rogue bear hugs. It’s one of my favorite days of the year because it’s a day to celebrate you and you’re my very favorite! I can’t even begin to express how much I love your guts and how thankful I am that somehow, you love my guts too. I am going to cherish the hell out of you today. You’re going to be like “Whoa. Maybe too much cherishing?” But I’m just going to keep cherishing away and thanking my lucky stars that I get to be married to you. You’re like fancy cheese – you just keep getting better and better. I love you more and more every day, more and more than words can say. Let’s eat so much ice cream and laugh until we get the hiccups today, ok?

All my love forever and ever and then after that,

Your wife

I Might Be a Bit Sentimental

There is a birds nest on our front porch. It’s completely uninhabited but I can’t bring myself to disposing of it because it was once someone’s home.

Our puppy Dobby has almost completely destroyed the first toy we ever got him, but I can’t throw it away because it was his first.

This leads me to believe I might be a bit sentimental. And also maybe a hoarder?

Things I Learned In Chicago

Captain Thoughtful and I spent July 4th weekend in Chicago with one of my dearest friends, the divine SJ. It was one of the most spectacular weekends ever – no exaggeration.

Things Chicago Taught Me
1. Pterodactlys are Blackhawk fans


2. Any hot dog that isn’t a Portillo’s hot dog is a pretender to the throne.


3. When dinosaurs roam the Earth again, we are all screwed because those stinkers are huge.


4. If you want to be awed by fireworks, spend your July 4th on the rooftop terrace in the West Loop. You will have a 360° view of every fireworks show in Chicago. I didn’t take a picture because I was too busy reveling in all the awe, so just trust me on this.

5. When you are with bright, fun, and all around lovely people, you are destined to have a fantastic time. Destined I say!


Dear Atlantic, Iowa

Dear Atlantic, Iowa

Thank you for having a Walmart with an auto shop that is open late. When we had a blowout on I80, I thought we were doomed to spend the night in an uncomfortable motel. However, thanks to your town,  we were able to get 2 new tires and get back on the road. I really can’t thank you enough for existing. Also, I noticed you are the “Coca-Cola capital of Iowa”, please accept my hearty congratulations! I don’t know what it takes to achieve that title but I am sure it was something special. Again, thank you Atlantic, Iowa for being a place that two people eager to get home can find help and get back on the road. I shall always think of you fondly.