Humor Blank

First of all, I’m so sorry I have been absent for so long. My only excuse is that I have been at a complete humor blank lately. Also, I was at a conference last week so that kept me busy.

I did write one thing that I thought was funny last week but I wasted it on Facebook. Sorry again. If you’re interested, it was this: Some people shyly mingle the first day of a conference. I make a beeline for the bar with a shoe covered in my blood.

I’ll try to be funny again ASAP.



Here Is A Question On A Friday

In a battle between a t-rex and a unicorn, who wins?

Captain Thoughtful had this response: “Definitely a unicorn because they are mythical. And if they aren’t really mythical than they are even more dangerous because how have they stayed hidden for so long?”

Also, major props to Captain Thoughtful for not even hesitating in his response when I randomly asked him this over breakfast. That man just gets me.

Life Tip

I always carry some dark chocolate with me in case of a dementor attack. Or PMS.

And now I’m wondering if PMS is really just a well concealed dementor attack? And it only effects women because dementors are sexist.

Anyway, y’all should definitely always have some dark chocolate handy.

The Way We Remember

I think it is important to remember the people we love who have died. And I don’t think there is any one particular way we should remember. It needs to be personal and significant to you. It needs to aid in your healing.

Today, two years ago, my uncle and cousin died. They were both bright lights. They always, always, made me laugh. So, today, I remember by allowing myself to laugh. And by hoping that my light shines a little brighter because they are a part of me.

How do you remember?

Here Is A Thought On A Tuesday

This morning, I watched a video of a pitbull cuddling a kitten and my first thought was “Man. These two really get it.”

Then, I started writing this post and was going to share the video (because everyone in the universe should see it and share in the whimsy) but I can’t find it. It disappeared. And I’m like, was that a glimpse into the meaning of life? Was it magic? Was it some beautiful message of love that I was supposed to completely absorb and then go out and change the world with?

Instead, I started writing this post and now that video that might be the key to the meaning of life is gone. There is a lesson there methinks.

Wait, was *that* the lesson I should learn from this???? To like, seize the moment or be present or pay attention or something like that? What are you trying to tell me universe!? I’m listening! I’m…..oh yay my toast is ready!