Here Is A Question On A Friday

In a battle between a t-rex and a unicorn, who wins?

Captain Thoughtful had this response: “Definitely a unicorn because they are mythical. And if they aren’t really mythical than they are even more dangerous because how have they stayed hidden for so long?”

Also, major props to Captain Thoughtful for not even hesitating in his response when I randomly asked him this over breakfast. That man just gets me.

The Way We Remember

I think it is important to remember the people we love who have died. And I don’t think there is any one particular way we should remember. It needs to be personal and significant to you. It needs to aid in your healing.

Today, two years ago, my uncle and cousin died. They were both bright lights. They always, always, made me laugh. So, today, I remember by allowing myself to laugh. And by hoping that my light shines a little brighter because they are a part of me.

How do you remember?

If You Find Him Never Let Him Go

**Mush Alert**

If you find a partner who can hang in there with you through food poisoning and at the end of one of the worst most disgusting days of your life, that person looks you in the eyes and tells you that you’re beautiful, never ever let that person go.

Captain Thoughtful – I will never ever let you go. Thank you for thinking I’m beautiful even when I just puked my life up for 17 hours straight.

We Are A Go For Break Up Protocol

On Tuesday, my childhood and teenage love dreams came to a screeching halt and then exploded and then got thrown in the garbage.

Miss Piggy and Kermit broke up on the same day Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their divorce.
WHY!!!?????? NOOOOOOO!!!

I am instituting break up protocol immediately. Fried food, ice cream, only watching movies and reading books with happy endings, sad music, and just so much ugly crying. And also wine. Lots of wine.

I’ll be at home in my pajamas trying to reconcile all the things I loved as a child and teenager if y’all need me.