Musical Revolution

Musical Revolution Poster
I got this from Coop. Click on it to see what other gems you might find on his blog.

Reason 87 you should join the revolution: Listening to music never killed anyone. Probably.

Reason 258 you should join the revolution: Without music riding around town on a beautiful day with your windows down would be meaningless.

Kings of Leon.

I’ve been listening to Aha Shake Heartbreak a ton this week. It’s an album that never gets old.

Friendly Fires

I love this band to pieces and this is one of my favorite songs ever. So brilliant.

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Musical Revolution.

Musical Revolution Poster

Reason 467 you should be part of the revolution: Coop designed this beyond perfect poster. I’m thinking the t-shirts are not far behind……

Reason 1,248 you should be a part of the revolution: Truly brilliant music can make you high. We don’t need drugs. We need music.


This song is so stunningly beautiful. This video is amazing (click on the MTV link to see it). Totally buzzing on the music right now.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Been loving this song for ages. “If I was a man, I’d make my move.” Holla.


Also, Ellie Goulding. I know, she has been featured the past few weeks but I just LOVE her album. And you should too!

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Musical Revolution Week….Whatever

Ok- so I’m going to stop counting weeks and start counting reasons why you should be part of the revolution.

1. It’s awesome.

2. Sharing music is awesome.

3. There might be t-shirts eventually.

4. You have your Friday posts practically written for you. All you have to do is fill in your music.

5. It’s a revolution. Which makes it revolutionary. This is logic.

I shouldn’t have to give you any more reasons but I have like 568,000 more so if you really need them I can give them to you. But only one at a time.

On to the music….

Tinie Tempah Featuring Ellie Goulding

I can not get enough Tinie Tempah. And this collaboration with Goulding is BANANAS. Love it!

James Brown

I mean, come on. TUNE.

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Musical Revolution is something I started as a New Year’s resolution. It’s all about the music. Feel free to check out previous revolutions herehere,hereherehereherehere, and here.


Musical Revolution Week 9

It’s been an interesting week. Lots of thinking thoughts and pondering ponders and wondering wonders.

Two Door Cinema Club

Loving this song right now. It takes those thoughts and ponders and wonders that I was thinking and pondering and wondering about and then punches them in the face so I can remember to breathe.

Ellie Goulding

I don’t think many people in the US know about this cover. You’re welcome US. (This one is free but next time I have to introduce you to stunning brilliant music you owe me 1 million dollars- I gots to get paid yo)

What were your musical revolutions of the week? (Note: if you introduce me to stunning brilliant music, then I don’t owe you a million dollars, but I will give you a shout out on the blog which is like a million dollars… I right? I’m totally right.)

Musical Revolution Week 8

Before we get to the revolution, I want to share with y’all something Grammy said yesterday. It went something like this “Stick that in your Google!”

You’re welcome.

On to the revolution!

This week, it was all about Adele. Her new album 21 was released in the USA, and it is utterly stunning. My revolution is entirely Adele centric. It’s a good week in music, folks.


I probably don’t have to say it but….. if you didn’t know about this album before I told you today, you owe me BIG TIME. What was your musical revolution this week?

Musical Revolution: Weeks 6 and 7

So- I missed last week. You all know why. But major props to Drea for carrying on the good fight last week. Let’s keep this movement going people!


For me, last week, this was pretty much it (Sorry, I couldn’t embed it so you are just going to have to click on the link.)

This week was better than that. Huzzah!


This girl blows my mind. BLOWS MY MIND. This song is beyond major. I don’t want to stop listening to it ever.

Jesse J

“It’s not about the chi-ting chi-ting. It’s not about the bla-bling bla-bling.” Hallelu!

I want to hear your musical revolutions on the week. Lay ’em on me!

Musical Revolution: Week 5

We are now into the second month of our musical revolution. This week has been completely bananas. The temperature drops and the whole world goes mad. Especially in Texas. It was like the precursor to the apocalypse. Rolling blackouts, gas stations running out of gas, car accidents, SNOW. Insanity.

Thank heavens for good music to take my mind off the crazy.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Man, this song brings me back. I heard it randomly on Monday and fell in love with it all over again. I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and this is the song that made me fall in love.

Eliza Doolittle

This song puts me in such a good mood! “I don’t care what the people may say, what the people may say about me.” Holla.

What was your snowpocalype soundtrack?