Here Is A Question On A Friday

In a battle between a t-rex and a unicorn, who wins?

Captain Thoughtful had this response: “Definitely a unicorn because they are mythical. And if they aren’t really mythical than they are even more dangerous because how have they stayed hidden for so long?”

Also, major props to Captain Thoughtful for not even hesitating in his response when I randomly asked him this over breakfast. That man just gets me.

The Way We Remember

I think it is important to remember the people we love who have died. And I don’t think there is any one particular way we should remember. It needs to be personal and significant to you. It needs to aid in your healing.

Today, two years ago, my uncle and cousin died. They were both bright lights. They always, always, made me laugh. So, today, I remember by allowing myself to laugh. And by hoping that my light shines a little brighter because they are a part of me.

How do you remember?

Spoiler Alert – I Am Madly In Love With Captain Thoughtful

Two years ago today, I married the best man in the entire universe to ever exist ever. He is brilliant, and handsome, and clever, and hilarious, and thoughtful (duh), and perfect for me in every way. And I love him more and more every day. And I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I did. And I know that I’m gushing and this is totally corny, but deal with it y’all. Just this once (and also once a year on December 22 for the rest of my life) I am going to be corny as hell.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! Thanks for marrying me!

How I Save Money On Wedding Presents

About 90% of the time, when people say “fiancé”, I hear “Beyoncé”. 100% of the time, this results in me making a fool out of myself in one of two ways.

1. “You call her “your Beyoncé?” that is so amazing! Your love will never die.”


On the bright side, there are at least 3 wedding gifts we didn’t have to buy because of this so really I’m being wise with our money. This is just another instance of my bizarre and often unsettling behavior having unexpected benefits. Also, if you have met Beyoncé and don’t tell me everything I will ruin you.

You Could Call Us A Power Couple…

Have y’all seen the Meyers Briggs Harry Potter equivalents infographic? I know it’s been online for ages, and you better believe I was all over it when it first hit the interwebs, but I had never asked Captain Thoughtful which character he is, which was a terrible lapse on my part because when I found out it made me SO HAPPY.

I am an ENFJ which means I’m Dumbledore thankyouverymuch. As I found out on Saturday, Captain Thoughtful is an ISTP which means he is…..waitforit…Harry Potter!

Basically, we are the best team ever and should the world ever be in danger I feel confident we could save it together. You could call us a power couple, but we would totally demur from that because it’s not power we want. We are way more into protection of the innocent and free candy and like fair treatment of magical creatures and stuff. But if you want to call us a power couple, we can’t like, stop you…..