A Typical Conversation

Me: Have you seen this movie?

Captain Thoughtful: I have…you made me watch it.

Me: Oh. But you still haven’t seen Titanic.

Captain Thoughtful: True. But why do you bring that up?

Me: Just to prove I don’t make you watch every movie that emotionally wrecks me.

Captain Thoughtful: The ship sinks, not sure what else I need to know.

Me: You need to know they could have both fit on that floating door!

Captain Thoughtful: Ok?

Me: I think I made my point.

5 thoughts on “A Typical Conversation

  1. THANK YOU!!!! I”m glad we’re all on the same page about that door! Although a friend once had the audacity to tell me that with both of them on the door it wouldn’t have held their weight and would have sunk. She’s super smart so I think she may have had a point, but I’m super clever so I said…”They could have at least traded off every half hour or so to share it and prolong Jack’s life and hypothermia until help arrived!”

  2. rebecca aragon says:

    Why was Rose a door hog? I think there was much more Jack could have taught Rose had she scooted just a tad…

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