How To Tell That I Am Sad – A Conversation

After a sad and disappointing thing happened…

Me: I’m just really sad.

Captain Thoughtful: I know sweetheart. Me too. It’s ok for us to be sad about this.

Me: I know but – listen, I didn’t even floss last night.

Captain Thoughtful: Oh! Oh my goodness. What can I do? Can I do anything? Tell me what you need.

And that folks, is how you know I am *really* sad. If I don’t floss, it’s basically the apocalypse and everyone is doomed. Except it wasn’t really the apocalypse, obvs, but sometimes the sad things that happen to us feel earth shattering so it was like a personal apocalypse. A tiny personal apocalypse involving two humans and a very confused but snuggly dog. Happily, those two humans love each other (and the dog) and support each other (and the dog – who is a freeloader and doesn’t even contribute financially to the family) and I only went one night without flossing so probably everything will work out in the end.

Oh, and also, this is my 1,000th post on Girl on the Contrary. What a gorgeous journey it has been and I’m looking forward to 1,000 more (if blogging is even still a thing in 7 years which is how long I assume it will take me to write 1,000 posts and probably there will be an actual apocalypse before then and if that is the case then Hail Xorbula! or whomever our alien overlords are (but my money is on Xorbula)).

4 thoughts on “How To Tell That I Am Sad – A Conversation

  1. 1000 posts is an incredible milestone! Congrats!!

    I’m also a religious flosser. Every night, without fail, even if I only get home at 2am. If I skip a night, it’s a sure sign I am beyond tired and just cannot coordinate my hands to floss

  2. Congratulations on writing 1000 posts. I hope that this accomplishment can somehow help you overcome your tiny personal apocalypse (if it hasn’t already).

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