The Way We Remember

I think it is important to remember the people we love who have died. And I don’t think there is any one particular way we should remember. It needs to be personal and significant to you. It needs to aid in your healing.

Today, two years ago, my uncle and cousin died. They were both bright lights. They always, always, made me laugh. So, today, I remember by allowing myself to laugh. And by hoping that my light shines a little brighter because they are a part of me.

How do you remember?

7 thoughts on “The Way We Remember

  1. I don’t have a whole lot of people in my life who have died, and I don’t think I have a specific way to remember them, other than through the memories that I have of them. However, I think it’s important whenever I go to a cemetery for whatever reason to read the names of people who have died on the headstone. These people may not have people around anymore to think about their memories but even reading them name for five seconds means they’re on the mind of someone they don’t even know and I think there’s something beautiful in that.

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