Grad School For Real

I’m on a short break from classes and yet I wake up every day panicked thinking I didn’t do a reading or forgot to write a paper. Does this ever go away or has grad school permanently altered my consciousness to always feel like I’ve forgotten something important?

Which leads me to wonder about conducting a research project about altered consciousness and the correlation to grad school enrollment.

Aaaghh….grad school has taken over my brain! It wasn’t the aliens I should have been afraid of, it was advanced degrees!

Just kidding. I’m totally still scared of aliens.


19 thoughts on “Grad School For Real

  1. I don’t think it ever goes away. I had a friend who worked at UPS as a box loader, and he had dreams of… loading boxes! Never ending streams of boxes to be loaded on to trucks.

    I’m a school teacher and I wake up every morning whether on vacation or not panicked that I have forgotten to grade papers, plan a lesson, make a lesson auxiliary thingee, or whatever.

    I think all phases of life have their anxieties and these show up in our dreams. Just goes to show that having picked grad school was probably better than the aliens. Can you imagine what your anxiety dreams with the aliens would be like?

  2. I wonder if that applies also to when you’re no longer working. Would I still get up thinking I have to catch the bus to go to work? Not that crazy (unless I am): I have had one instance of going to work, forgetting it was a day off.

  3. We don’t have grad school here in Australia (I guess the equivalent would be getting our Masters degree or doing post-grad), but I can confirm that I still get nightmares about university occasionally when I’m stressed about something that involve me forgetting to attend classes for an entire subject and being told at the end of semester that I have to sit an exam!

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