An Apology and a Thank You

So, I’ve been blogging on my phone for the last year-ish because it is always with me and I am usually writing posts quickly in between classes or breaks at work. I think the WordPress app is totally neat and for the most part really user friendly. EXCEPT I just found like 100 comments pending from months ago and I have no idea how I missed them. But I did.

Now, I could blame WordPress for this and I definitely considered doing so, but really I have to acknowledge my own responsibility in not really taking any time at all to become familiar with the app beyond pushing a few buttons and publishing a post. This one is on me peeps. I’m so sorry if your comments didn’t get posted. They were delightful and appreciated. I haven’t had a lot of time for this blog but I just can’t bring myself to quit it. And that is because of y’all and your hilarious, insightful, and thoughtful comments. I truly do love our little corner of the blogging world and I thank y’all wholeheartedly for sticking by me even when I don’t post for a week. Based only on the evidence of your blog comments, I have come to the conclusion that you are all truly lovely human beings. Please don’t prove me wrong by being serial killers.


5 thoughts on “An Apology and a Thank You

  1. Hahhhlarious! I love your blog. WordPress can be the cat’s pajamas but also the red headed step sister and after 4 years of using it I still don’t have it figured out.

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