My Subconscious Is A Weird Place

I’ve been having very odd dreams lately. Usually, I can make sense of my dreams. Having a dream about being on a crashing airplane during finals weeks doesn’t take a genius to figure out. But the past few nights, I can’t make any sense out of my dreams. Last night, I dreamt that an otter stolen from a zoo was chasing my dog around the backyard. Ummmm…..not sure what my sleeping brain is trying to communicate but I am definitely not getting the message. Like, can otters even chase on land? What is my brain trying to tell me????

Also, is it weird I am so preoccupied by this?

9 thoughts on “My Subconscious Is A Weird Place

  1. Hahaha! I so relate to this. I have the very oddest dreams…last night I dreamt I was on the way to this odd Post-Apocalyptic battle with my school friends, but on the way we stopped and got killer massages. I don’t know. I don’t question it. I can’t believe I haven’t written about this on my own blog yet! 0.o (P.S. I just found you and you’re great. I’m now going to binge-read your posts.)

  2. hmmm, the otter represents the wildness that is tamed by societal conformity (the zoo) being somehow in conflict with your own wildness (the dog) and feeling domesticated, and…
    Nope, I lost it. Almost had it πŸ™‚
    Wait, was the otter stolen or did it escape?

  3. I had a crazy dream the other night too…I somehow had a staple in the tip of my finger. My skin started to cover it, it got infected and I had to have surgery. WHY?

  4. Steve says:

    Otters live on the land and in the water…guess you’re too busy to see some otter videos on YouTube πŸ™‚ Wait, you could thinking about “PB&J Otter”, the Disney show; and Jelly Otter is chasing Mr. Big Dog for putting her in the zoo!

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