Grad School For Real

One thing I don’t love about grad school is that I never get to have that feeling you get when you finish something. As soon as I finish one thing I am immediately faced with a million other things waiting to be done. It is a bit like spending the entire day hiking up a mountain only to find you’re still at the bottom.

The good news is that unless I am actually stuck in a wormhole where time never moves forward, I will finish this thing.

Sense of accomplishment: ETA 2017

5 thoughts on “Grad School For Real

  1. Katie says:

    But, from 2017 forward, you will have a crazy awesome sense of accomplishment/completion that will never go away. Trust me. Just yesterday I says to the hubs, “I know I have nothing to do with our household finances…beyond spending money, but I do have a Master’s degree, you know. Surely I can help your mom with her bills and taxes.” To which he replied, “Your degree is in educational leadership, not economics.” Whatever. Like it matters. Master’s degree=qualified to do ANYTHING in more superior way than anyone else. Everyone knows that!

  2. you have to get the sense of completion from little things.

    Mmmm i DID drink that whole coffee/bottle of wine/vodka, look at me finishing things.

    I put my results into my labbok, bam, done.

    I attended all of the seminars I wanted to this week look at me go!

    I read ALL the internet today = accomplished = me.

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