How I Prepare for a Snowstorm

This is how someone like me, who has never lived in a place where it snows before, prepares for a snowstorm.

1. I check out a LOT of books from the library.

2. I make sure I am well stocked with gummi worms, cheese and crackers, and red wine.

3. I buy a new super fancy (and warm!) blanket.

4. I do laundry so I can wear all of my clothes at the same time.

5. I make sure my doomsday prep bag is within arms reach at all times.

6. I spend hours adding to my Netflix queue.

7. I complain to anyone who will listen about how I am not used to this type of weather.

8. I cry in the vain hope that somehow the weather will take pity on me and decide not to snow and also to make it spring immediately.

9. I waste a lot of time googling how to prepare for a snowstorm.

10. I pretend this isn’t going to happen the same way I pretended I was going to win the billion dollar powerball.

Stay warm and stay safe peeps, no matter where you are !

14 thoughts on “How I Prepare for a Snowstorm

  1. I just love snow and wish that it snowed in my hometown…anyways, I dream of living in a place where the snow stays for at least 2 months.Hope my dream comes true

  2. Love it! I would have totally made myself a little house tent with all the blankets in my house, or better, a blanket fort and make everyone else act like they are knights in my medieval world, and we would have little fake wars with each other haha! And then I’d finish series of Netflix shows just like you 😛

  3. That is kinda funny when a person who is used to 6 mths of very cold winters and lot of snow (up to 5 feet at times) reads your list. All very good ideas. I do not think I would miss winter at all.

  4. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be done? I like how the first step is stocking up on books. That would probably be my first step too.
    Side note: I recently discovered that gummy bears, cheese and crackers taste delicious eaten together, especially if the bears have been soaked in some sort of alcoholic beverage beforehand. I’m sure gummi worms would work just as well

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