20 thoughts on “Grad School For Real

  1. No kidding!! You just taught me something very important – that I’ve been embarrassingly misusing that expression for about six months now 🙂 We’ll see if that shows up on my evals…

    Rock on, friend! Haley


  2. Stupidest slang ever, in my opinion! Apparently it’s to ease the awkwardness of just asking someone if they want to come over and have sex with you. But if it’s slang and everyone knows what you’re asking, does it really ease the awkwardness? Nope.

  3. Are you letting them know the 30-something slang? Like “review the household budget and have a glass of wine” and “yard work, vacuuming, and running to the Home Depot?”

  4. You’re right. All the slang means sex. Netflix and chill started off meaning watching netflix and chilling, but then things got ugly. It might have started on Tumblr, because that’s where most things start.

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