I’m A Wizard!

Captain Thoughtful and I took off on an anniversary/Christmas trip last week and of course we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Because we are giant nerds who are perfect for each other. It was an absolutely perfect holiday and we had a complete blast but one thing in particular happened that I need to share with y’all.

I was chosen at Ollivanders!

What that means is that I am a real wizard with a real wand that chose me.

Or, it could mean that I was chosen out of a crowd of people to be part of a small show where I got to try out wands and find my perfect match just like Harry does in the first book. Personally, I prefer the first explanation. The second is such a muggle explanation.

I’m a wizard!!!!


I’m still so thrilled by this I can hardly even talk about it.

19 thoughts on “I’m A Wizard!

  1. Oh that sounds like a dream! Did you get to keep the wand? :). Also just realised my avatar is of me browsing the wands at the Ollivander’s set at the Studios in England. Yep, fellow HP nerd.

  2. I am…super jealous, but mostly just happy you shared! A trip to Hogwarts has pretty much been on my to-do list since I read the first book about 14 years ago. My husband is starting school this month in Orlando to be a certified Harley tech and I think the family will be moving there with him in the summer. You have further amplified my ambition to be a wizard so saving up to make a trip there will be the very next thing on my to-do list after paying $49,759,485,767,959,493,498,757.77 to get into a house big enough for 5 people and 2 massively sized dogs. Is that even a real number? I mean, I’d have to be a wizard just to say it.

  3. Where was this magical experience? I have a nephew that is obsessed with Harry Potter, has been him twice for Halloween and is doing a project for school on jk Rowling. He would love to be immersed in this world.

  4. lorithenaz says:

    Congratulations! I’m so jealous! Not only did you get to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter again, but for being chosen! I live in CA so I have to wait until April 2016 for our Universal Studios to open up the Harry Potter World!

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