Grad School For Real

Things I have learned since starting grad school:

1. Gummi worms are necessary. Although I have a hypothesis that any candy will do.

2. Sleep is not a real thing. It is a thing that used to be real but is no longer real. Kind of like dinosaurs.

3. There is not enough coffee in the world.

4. How to use emojis. This is the face I use most often. 😕

5. I have also become very skilled at denial.

So, totally worth all the money so far.

18 thoughts on “Grad School For Real

  1. “2. Sleep is not a real thing.” If it makes you feel any better, this is also true of graduates who haven’t gone on to do Masters/PHDs. I often just lay wide eyed awake in bed thinking “I’ve made a huge mistake….”

  2. Love your grad school posts! Miss my own graduation.. anyway that’s where we learn denial I guess.. So many assignments, so little time! It’s nicer to pretend that they don’t exist..

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