Here Is A (Late) Thought On A Friday

After pulling an all-nighter writing a paper my brain to mouth filter completely disappears. It’s some kind of science thing I think. I should not be allowed to leave my house when this happens because when I do…..this.

Professor: My grandson can eat peanut butter off a spoon.

Me: Yeah but to be fair, so can my dog.

Awkward silence…..

Me: But he doesn’t have opposable thumbs so your grandson is still ahead of him on that one.

And that is the exact moment I failed that class. Learn from my stupid awkward mistakes y’all and don’t speak when your filter is not functional.

17 thoughts on “Here Is A (Late) Thought On A Friday

  1. Katie says:

    Were you lying? No. Is it a major baby accomplishment to eat peanut butter? I don’t think so. The fail here is misplaced grandfatherly pride. My dog can shake my hand. Can his grandson do that? Then we can talk.

  2. Mike Kuplevatsky says:

    Lol. Awesome post. I hear that about the brain-to-mouth filter! But really, you failed? Well, he has some issues. Haha. I can’t believe he failed you for that. I have a class, where the professor is really “chill.” Someone goes and insults him, he laughs and said “Dude, your mother forgot your birthday. You told us that last week. And your ass has a speech to do for this class, so I’d worry about not getting insulted by the class. Besides, you have a date to get to, so do your work and run, run for your life!” It’s really interesting how professors can differ so drastically. Well, at least you don’t have to waste your time with a professor who doesn’t understand humor. I would have laughed if I was in your class. Like… really loud.

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