Grad School For Real

For really reals y’all, grad school is kicking my butt a little bit. So welcome to my weekly feature called “Grad School For Real” where I basically just get real about grad school. I realize the title sort of just gives it away.

Pre-grad school: Mosquitos? Isn’t too cold for mosquitos? Weird.

Post-grad school: Why are there mosquitos? It’s too cold for them isn’t it? Isn’t it? I can’t handle this. I don’t understand. WHY? We are all doomed.

Fun fact: I wrote this post instead of working on a research paper. Yay!/Yay?

10 thoughts on “Grad School For Real

  1. Wow, I’m impressed smarty-pants. I’m currently thinking of a research paper on why I have no need time to go back to school. Mostly it is about the insane amount of time I am spending killing ladybugs right now. I mean, INSANE amount.

  2. Katie says:

    I always shed many a tear the first week or so, wondering why the h— I signed up for so many hours on top of real job. Then, I would spend the time to put EVERYTHING on one calendar, set reminders and alarms, and tackle one thing at a time. With Starbucks. And chocolate. Hang in.

  3. I feel you. My professor somehow thinks it’s ok to assign a midterm paper and 220 pages of reading for the same day….(the week that all my other midterm papers are also due!)

  4. soccerdawg says:

    For real. I’m in my (ahem) third year of a two-year program. To be fair, it’s only two years if you go full time, which I only did the first year.
    Grad school will fry your brain. Totally worth it, but brain=fried.

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