Things I Worry About In Parking Lots

I am currently sitting in Whole Foods parking lot waiting for it to open (side note, why aren’t you open before 9am Whole Foods? I guess I should just eat McDonald’s for breakfast and have a heart attack. You would like that wouldn’t you? Sorry Whole Foods, I’m a bit hangry. Just open already.) Anyway, I am sitting here in the Whole Foods parking lot, in my used volvo, listening to NPR, and contemplating which salad to buy for lunch and I’m just really worried y’all that I am an accidental hipster. Am I an accidental hipster? All these things seem like hipster things. Is 30 too old to be an accidental hipster? How do I stop it?

Oh! Whole Foods just opened! BYEEEEEEE!

16 thoughts on “Things I Worry About In Parking Lots

  1. Not liking something because everyone likes it is just as bad as liking something just because no one likes it… maybe you’re a real hipster… no fake glasses necessary. 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Yes, because Whole Foods, in essence, is especially for hipsters. Maybe even dried up old accidental hipsters — you know, the kind who show up before the store opens. Haha, thanks for the laugh today!

  3. pixieannie says:

    That’s funny. I’m reminded of a time when I drove to the supermarket at 6am. I was certain it was open at 6am. There were other cars in the car park but apparently, they were for the workers. The shoppers were all still in bed, apart from me. It didn’t open for another two hours. Where had I been? Why wasn’t I told? I was in the mood to shop then, not in two hours.

  4. Are you an accidental hipster? It depends, did you get something with kale in it? If you did….was it an accident or intentional? This is a deeper question than we thought, huh?

  5. lorithenaz says:

    That’s odd all the WF locations in California open at 7am and are a popular pre-work breakfast destination. Then again due to PST a lot of people start work at 7am here so maybe that’s why?

    On the hipster note. I’ve been called a hipster from time to time, but I shower , don’t have a greasy beard and don’t wear skinny jeans with silly shoes… so I don’t identify myself as a hipster.

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