Here Is A Thought On A Friday

I think it’s hilarious on Project Runway when the designers freak out over only having one day to complete their looks. Why are they so surprised? Have they never seen the show before? It’s kind of the point to put together great looks in little time. Maybe next time you sign up for a reality show, you should do your research. Also, get off my lawn!


8 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. Reality shows have a lot of editing… I read an interview with someone who was on one of those cooking ones and he said he was hugely disappointed in how one-dimensional everyone became once the program aired. He also gave examples for things like how one small disagreement becomes a “fight” and the focus of an entire episode….

  2. I saw an interview with Tim Gunn once and he said he’s always shocked at how many of them are surprised that they get so little time. He said they thought everything was marketed as “one day” but that they really had more time behind the scenes. And then they’re all rudely awakened when they realize they don’t.

  3. nesstalk says:

    Yeah I was wondering about that, I think the Director tells them to act all surprised. That’s the only reasonable explanation unless like you said, they actually don’t do their research.

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