What Does This Mean??!

Yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, a groundhog took up residence in my driveway. I don’t know what this means y’all. Does it mean winter is coming? Is the groundhog a Game of Thrones fan? Is it going to be summer forever? Was it some sort of environmental sit-in? Is it a good omen or a bad omen? Should I feed it? Should I call animal control? What does it mean???!

While I was thinking all these things, the groundhog got up and ran across the street. Fare thee well groundhog of indeterminate omens, you are someone else’s source of confusion now.

15 thoughts on “What Does This Mean??!

  1. Growing up with dairy farmer relatives and in a very rural area, groundhogs, woodchucks or whistle pigs, take your pick, were rodentonna non gratta. What some city folks thought were cute fuzzy buck toothed puppy/kitty like critters were downright dangerous to expensive farm equipment and cash producing farm animals. The holes these plump rat relatives dig screw up farmer’s lives and stir up their desire to eliminate them from their farms forthwith.

    The one in your driveway was probably escaping from some farmer’s rifle scope and looking for a nice quiet utility building or garage to tunnel under and live in peace from .222 rounds whizzing past. Just ignore that section of your yard that is chewed to the bare earth and that growing pile of loose earth protruding from beneath the lawnmower shed. Just don’t get between those razor sharp front teeth and the litter of rat cubs in the hole.

  2. If the groundhog appears again today, at the same exact time, and does the same exact thing, and then again tomorrow, and then the next day, and the next, and the next; you might be Bill Murray.

  3. I look up animal totems when something sticks out like that.

    This is what I found on groundhogs:

    A very difficult and powerful totem to have,
    Groundhog is the symbol of opening fully to the dreamtime.
    Of exploring altered states of consciousness more deeply and fully.
    Dreams will have great significance.

    Lessons associated with death, dying and revelations about its processes will begin to surface. Groundhog can teach its people metabolic control.
    How to go into the great unconscious without harm.

    People with a Groundhog totem need to have definite
    boundaries in their life and let those around them know those boundaries.

    Groundhog’s power is strongest in Winter and two years is an important time period.
    Two years of intensive studying might be required to achieve
    true trances or alter states of consciousness.

    This is often the totem of Shamans and Mystics.

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