Things I Learned In Chicago

Captain Thoughtful and I spent July 4th weekend in Chicago with one of my dearest friends, the divine SJ. It was one of the most spectacular weekends ever – no exaggeration.

Things Chicago Taught Me
1. Pterodactlys are Blackhawk fans


2. Any hot dog that isn’t a Portillo’s hot dog is a pretender to the throne.


3. When dinosaurs roam the Earth again, we are all screwed because those stinkers are huge.


4. If you want to be awed by fireworks, spend your July 4th on the rooftop terrace in the West Loop. You will have a 360° view of every fireworks show in Chicago. I didn’t take a picture because I was too busy reveling in all the awe, so just trust me on this.

5. When you are with bright, fun, and all around lovely people, you are destined to have a fantastic time. Destined I say!


18 thoughts on “Things I Learned In Chicago

  1. From-a-Chicagoan.. Glad you had a great time in the city. So much to see, so much to do, so much to eat, etc… Chicago entertainment never disappoints. You must come back.

  2. Yay! Chicago is the BUSINESS! Just one question: Why isn’t there any alcohol in the last picture? Getting to see you and the adorable Cap’t Thoughtful almost distracted me from this alarming omission. Nice try, GotC, nice try.

  3. SJ says:

    Cheers to our fantastic weekend! It’s a shame we don’t have a picture capturing the glory of the dead heads.

  4. This caught my eye in my feed this morning, due to Chicago being my new home city! Still feel like a tourist, and I have to agree with every single remark you made about this amazing town. Hope you grabbed a piece of the chocolate cake while at Portillo’s!

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