Dear Atlantic, Iowa

Dear Atlantic, Iowa

Thank you for having a Walmart with an auto shop that is open late. When we had a blowout on I80, I thought we were doomed to spend the night in an uncomfortable motel. However, thanks to your town,  we were able to get 2 new tires and get back on the road. I really can’t thank you enough for existing. Also, I noticed you are the “Coca-Cola capital of Iowa”, please accept my hearty congratulations! I don’t know what it takes to achieve that title but I am sure it was something special. Again, thank you Atlantic, Iowa for being a place that two people eager to get home can find help and get back on the road. I shall always think of you fondly.



6 thoughts on “Dear Atlantic, Iowa

  1. Katie says:

    I did some recon for you. Not only are they the Coca Cola Capitol, they also have a website!

    “In 2001, Atlantic was designated the “Coca-Cola Capital of Iowa,” building on the community’s annual Coca-Cola Days celebration. The event, held annually the fourth weekend in September, features a Show, Swap & Sell meet, kiddie parade, and annual meeting of the Iowa Chapter of Coca-Cola Collectors. The Show, Swap & Sell is the second largest mini-convention for Coca-Cola collectors in the nation.”

    So you see, now you have to plan another road trip in September to see this celebration thing.

  2. “Oh, there’s nothing halfway,
    About the Iowa way to greet you,
    When they greet you (which they may not do at all)….”
    -The Music Man.

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