23 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. My wife and i live in Louisiana, mosquito central. We have mosquitoes a plenty! When one poor little sucker, literally a sucker cos they suck your blood, ends up with us in the vehicle, we do the ‘Mosquito dance,’ attempting to squash the little demon, cos don’t demons also suck your blood, or open a window with the intention of getting it to fly out.

    Please note: next time you’re in this same situation, use a knee on the steering wheel if you HAVE to take both hands off the wheel. (But, at the same time, try to keep at one eye on the road. LOL)

  2. What if it is a huge honking’ spider? Two times in my life, no lie, twice, I have pulled down my visor to check my makeup and a spider has been there. O. M. G.

  3. Absolutely! Also, if said mosquito is in the backseat with the kiddos, it would be better for them to let it bite them than scream hysterically and distract the driver. True story, thankfully without the car accident that I was sure would follow.

  4. Same goes for the time a bee was in my car and I was trying to help him fly out while I was driving. I just didn’t want the poor thing to die…or sting me and die!

  5. So, to paraphrase Hamlet, better to suffer the stings and arrows of outrageous fortune, then to take arms against a sea of mosquitoes, and by opposing end them?

  6. That is an amazing rule of thumb. Also, never try to swat at a mosquito when riding your bicycle. By law, in California, you have to put both hands on the handle bars. Insane law, but it does make sense

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