The Sour Milk Debacle

Last Friday night, I accidentally drank sour milk. The hows and whys aren’t important (because they make me look stupid) but it happened and it was awful.

I mean, at first it was just the taste and the idea that I had imbibed sour milk that was upsetting, but after about 2 hours it was the feeling of my guts declaring war on me that was truly horrific.

The next several hours were….. gory. At one point, I was so defeated that I made sure Captain Thoughtful knew what to put on my tombstone.

There Is No Girl on the Contrary – Only Zuul

May 1985- June 2015

She Drank Sour Milk

Please let my unpleasant Friday night serve as a warning to you all – check your milks best by date before you drink it.

14 thoughts on “The Sour Milk Debacle

  1. heyitsteeja says:

    This is pretty much why I refuse to drink milk now, expiry dates are treated as more of a guideline than a cut off point in my house and this has happened too often …

  2. Expired dairy products are the worst. And you’re right, the idea that you’ve ingested the stuff is almost worse than the stuff itself. I feel your pain! It made me think of the lactose intolerance scene from ‘French Kiss’.

  3. Funny, I usually tell people who complain to me about sour milk that it is all psychological. It might be, to a degree, but guts raging war is no matter to take lightly. I will never again drink outdated milk, even if it tastes fine!

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks for the warning; however I read this after I just had milk literally two minutes…hold-on, the phone is ringing and the caller ID says ‘Dana Barrett’…

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