16 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

      1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The other replies I had were:

        Shawarma on you!


        After I eat Middle Eastern food I feel falalfel

  1. oh my goodness, falafel? really? oh, some fine dining there, to be sure, or maybe not? think I’ll pass, but go right ahead. each to their own, I guess.

  2. Not really. I went to my hometown’s Pizza Hut on a weekly basis for years and years. Then they redesigned, and I’ve been commuting back and forth to a job in another city, and haven’t been as much. I miss it.
    (I would’ve found a Buffy quote, but alas, Buffy seems mysteriously silent on the subject of falafel. … and I bet no one’s ever had occasion to say that before.)

  3. No, provided you’re happy with the falafel they’re doing. It’s still okay to go to another one as long as you’re not getting the same thing you’d have got at your normal one. I have this problem all the time with Indian Restaurants and Chip Shops. 🙂

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