Fitbit – A Lesson

I got a fitbit for my birthday and I absolutely love it. It’s has been such a helpful tool in my endeavors to live a healthier life (at this point, I might live forever so consider yourself warned). However, the fitbit does not make your cravings and temptations magically disappear – which for me was a huge letdown and I will be writing them a letter about this.

I was at the grocery store yesterday and decided it was a great opportunity to get in a lot of steps so I decided to walk up and down every aisle. This was a mistake because there is an aisle that is nothing but junk food. If fact, there are many aisles that are mostly junk food. So, I learned very quickly that some steps are not worth taking. Particularly steps that lead to all the foods you are trying to avoid in order to live forever.

It was a lesson learned the hard way folks. In this case, the hard way was paved with chips and brownies. Guess how many steps I have to take to undue the damage? A zillion. #themoreyouknow

24 thoughts on “Fitbit – A Lesson

  1. Ketty says:

    Hah, that’s funny :-). I love my fitbit, got it for Christmas and it has made a word of difference to my motivation to move!

  2. I have just invested in a fitbit. It hasn’t arrived yet so I’m having my last week of being the world’s laziest person before I I have something attached to my wrist that will make me feel guilty for ever being lazy ever again.

  3. do you have a fitbit that monitors your heartrate ? I am looking into getting one to help manage some health issues and keep track of things. Thanks!

  4. hipster sisters says:

    ahahaha, great insight, as the song of Keira Knightley used to say… Fitbit is “a step, you can,’t take back!” 🙂

  5. Wellnlw you know, next time do the healthy food isles multiple times. Sure you will look silly and indecisive but you will give the locals something to gossip about so that’s a win.

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