I Am Ridiculous

Last night, I changed clothes twice because I wanted to wear the perfect tornado outfit. You know, something comfortable, functional, and cute so that if after the tornado if I was interviewed by a local news station I wouldn’t look terrible but like someone who actually fought the tornado in hand to hand combat and won and was sort of messy looking but still somehow adorable. You know, like in the movies.

So, I am ridiculous.

The only saving grace is that I was actually practically prepared with bottled water, rainboots, and a backpack full of supplies. Tornados are no joke.

In other news, it’s Mama Contrary’s birthday so please send her some happy vibes. She deserves them because she raised and continues to love a kooky kid like me. A kid who said things like “I think I died on the Titanic in a past life”, and “I think I am clarsentient”, and “I feel kinda purple”.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love your guts!

33 thoughts on “I Am Ridiculous

  1. Wishing your mama a very happy (belated) birthday. Also, the very idea of a tornado is fascinating, and dressing up for it is remarkable and should be encouraged state-wide. Obviously tornadoes are no laughing matter but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, after a rough experience feeling good is a mood-lightener. Also, I looked up “clarsentien” and they all (the websites) said, “do you mean clementine?”. What IS clarsentien!?

  2. It warms my heart to know there are other people in the world whose brain works like mine. I completely understand and identify with your whole logic train.
    Wishing Mama a happy birthday, she sounds like a super lady! I feel the same way about my Pops who puts up with me. Usually he is at a loss for words, but his faces are priceless!

  3. It sounds adorable. Happy birthday to your mom.
    Sometimes we have to choose between the life and the things we love in our life. Its not same as choosing between two best things though. For 10 year old, it was christmas loot all that mattered, and for mother it was the 10 year old. Life may be the reason we all live, but the reason to life is how we value ourselves.

  4. Not at all ridiculous. A few years ago, in Alabama, we had tornado sirens go off about 8 pm on Christmas. We all ran for the closet. . .except my 10 year old, who ran through the house picking up the best of his Christmas loot, and then brought it all into the closet with him. There’s a fine balance between being safe and being prepared to ride it out in style.

  5. hipster sisters says:

    I guess we don’t like to admit it’s true but we all think about outfits to wear “just in case”. Someone is “just in case it rains”, “just in case I have to go to the doctor”. But maybe it’s typical of purplee kids or people with a green aura. 🙂

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