Spielberg Is Coming For Me Again

Watching the trailers for the new Jurassic Park is causing me to doubt that I have truly overcome my fear of dinosaurs. I can only assume that Spielberg heard that I was no longer terrified of dinosaurs and so decided to make them smarter and therefore much more terrifying just to spite me. Well played Spielberg.

You haven’t won yet though Steven, because I AM going to see your new Jurassic Park and I won’t be afraid. Because I am going to get good and liquored up first. So there. I win.

14 thoughts on “Spielberg Is Coming For Me Again

  1. Well, I just can’t figure out WHY someone would want to “resurrect” dinosaurs. Like, lets bring something back that can eat us like we eat potato chips watching Netflix on a Friday night. The premise boggles my mind, so I have a hard time getting past that….

  2. I still haven’t forgiven Spielberg for ET. Despite multiple attempts and numerous broken bones, I never could get my bike to fly past the moon.

  3. Dagny says:

    I hope he is feeling silly and frustrated. Serve him right if he is.

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