Don’t Prank Me Bro

I don’t like April Fools Day. Especially at my age because all my friends are like “I’m pregnant!” And then I am excited for them and channel all my happy thoughts towards them and then they throw it right back in my face and are like “Haha! You were so nice and sweet and kind to me just then and I was kidding and now you look like a fool.” And then I’m like “When you do have kids, I am going to brainwash them against you and convince them to ruin your life.” And then my friends are scared because they know I can be very convincing and it isn’t a far stretch to imagine me brainwashing their kids and then they get scared and apologize to me and I’m like “Ha! Doesn’t feel nice to be April Fooled does it?” And then everyone laughs awkwardly because the joke got taken too far and that’s why I don’t like April Fools day.

28 thoughts on “Don’t Prank Me Bro

  1. hahaha I would do the same thing to my friends by turning their kids against them if they April Fooled me into the whole “I’m pregnant,” played out joke!!!!! #impostersbeware

  2. You should let their kids watch the film 2012 and then tell them that you were one of the survivors and had to repopulate the earth and that the kid is fourth generation newborns and then you can talk about how life was before 2012 and all. Maybe that will work. Good luck and have a prophet-able day – The False Prophet

  3. K. Adonna says:

    This is fantastic. Made me smile. Thank you! (Thank the goddess we don’t have to deal with the b.s. for another [almost] year…)

  4. I don’t care for April Fool’s Day either. It could be all the sugar replaced with salt pranks that my children played on me, the spin the lids on salt and pepper shakers until they fall off when one turns the shakers over (when I was a server in college), or the many other seemingly ‘innocent’ pranks that make messes and make me question my intelligence on that particular day.

  5. Maybe next time someone pretends to be pregnant, you could say something along the lines of: “Oh, yeah, I could tell.” Of course, if she’s actually pregnant, you could be ostracized for the rest of your life, BUT if she’s not, you can bask in the satisfaction of beating her at a tradition you really don’t care much about at all. Seems to be worth a shot.

  6. I don’t normally do it but this year the opportunity was presented to me as if it was ordained. I pranked my boss that our orders got moved up and we were leaving in a couple of months instead of in a year. It was brilliant, she fell for it and took it well when I April Fooled her.

  7. This is why we’re best friends. I woke up this morning and told Sam, “I hate April Fools’ Day. You just know that, somewhere in the world, some asshat is joke proposing to his girlfriend today.”

  8. Thank you for saying this! I completely agree. April Fools jokes seem to fall into one of three categories: Awesome a la West Jet and Google, boring a la most people on Twitter, and horrible a la “I’m pregnant! Just kidding!” I always look forward to West Jet and Google and think others should learn from them. If it doesn’t make someone smile, why do it?

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