Dear Lincoln Nebraska

Dear Lincoln Nebraska,

Surely there is a better day to test the tornado sirens than on a day where conditions could result in a tornado. Maybe pick a nice sunny day with no wind next time. All of the people will thank you for it. And if you can’t pick a nice sunny day, then maybe try to let people know before you sound the sirens that it is just a test and that running to their basements with a bug out bag and a frightened puppy is totally unnecessary.

Just a thought I had.



10 thoughts on “Dear Lincoln Nebraska

  1. Hi, I think your blog posts are fabulous. I really look forward to reading more of your work… It’s just what I need on this cold and damp British morning. Fantastic. Don’t stop.
    Also, if you have the time, could you please return the favor by liking/commenting my blog posts and maybe I might be lucky and get a follow from you? Would be great 🙂 have an awesome day

  2. I’m so glad we don’t get these things in London – not much anyway. There was a small one in Kilburn once. And we got hit by a hurricane that managed to cross the Atlantic in 1986. We got so excited by that. It rains a lot, but mostly in a moderate way. That’s Britain’s weather- dull but OK. And we talk about it all the time!

  3. Hope you don’t like sleeping in on Saturday mornings…they tend to test them around 10am on random summer weekends too. Just thought you might like the heads-up.

  4. yikes! I don’t think I would like living where you had to deal with things like that. Snow is very quiet, and you can use your own common sense about prep and no one sounds alarms (although I bet the weathermen would if they could!) and there is no need to drag puppies to the basement. So we may still be snow covered (we are) and chilly, but at least no one is testing us to see if we scare easily!

  5. Brilliant move on the part of municipal government! (Whoever develops the first web-accepted sarcasm font will be rich beyond their wildest dreams!)

    I’ve lived through a flood (NJ, ’68), tornados (Lubbock, 1970 during a pre-college tour of Texas Tech, Dallas, 1976), numerous earthquakes (Loma Prieta Earthquake, San Jose, CA 1979 being the worst) and numerous hurricanes (most recently Sandy, NJ, 2012). Next to the quakes, the tornados were next … although I always felt you could dodge ’em. Like, wait until their right up on you and then do a Johnny Rodgers juke to fake it out.

    But I feel for you going through that. Toto, too.

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