Girl Scout Cookies

Regardless of the outcome of an encounter with a girl scout, I am left feeling good and guilty. If I buy cookies, I feel good because I made those little girls so happy and guilty because I am completely giving in to cookie temptation. If I don’t buy cookies, I feel good for resisting delicious sugary carbs and guilty because the looks on the girls faces when I say “No, thank you” makes me feel like I just ripped to shreds their favorite book. There is no winning during girl scout cookie season. Next year, I think I will just stay inside and hide until it’s all over and I can run errands without the emotional roller-coaster.

And now I feel sort of guilty for writing this post, so as a sign of goodwill, I will give all the girl scouts a good tip: If you see me next year and I say “no” to the cookies, maybe cry a little bit because then I will buy ALL your cookies and probably also start a college fund for you.

22 thoughts on “Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Your blogs are hysterical! I can relate to girl scout cookie season. I have several friends whose daughters are girl scouts, brownies, or daisies and this year I bought boxes in the double digits (I’m embarrassed to say the actual number). Needless to say, I ate them all; tonight I met with a personal trainer for the first time to start a weight loss regimen. I may just give a donation and tell them they can keep the cookies for themselves. Those $5 dollar boxes have turned into a $60 per session regimen with a buffed lady.

  2. Lundyn says:

    I literally jumped for joy in a Walmart parking lot when I saw their little table! Then I happily bought my thin mints and immediately after I was like well…I guess I have to eat them now despite the fact that I promised myself I would eat healthy. It’s a dangerous time of year…but soooo good at the same time.

  3. Why isn’t there a ‘like’ button here!? This reminded me of a scene from Despicable Me. Luckily, we don’t have girl scouts where I live, so I never have to face this problem. I only know girl scouts from the films I have seen. I honestly cannot grasp what you must be going through at moments like that, but I guess it’s some sort of excrutiating pain. I’d say just buy ’em. Have ’em all. Be a devil. Go wild. But that’s me. Have a prophet-able day – The False Prophet

  4. fenebabe says:

    I am with you on the cookie guilt. My mother, however, always buys the cookies and donates them right back to go to the armed forces. The Girl Scouts in our area do this and it is awesome.

  5. I will share with you what my husband saidbwhen I was hit with this dilemma… “You do realize you can donate money without actually taking any cookies right?”

  6. Buy the cookies. Make them happy. Send the cookies to me. Make me happy. Avoid sugar temptation . . . Make you happy. That’s a win-win-win situation!

  7. LOL, I hear you! Here’s what you can do – some troops will even help you – buy a box and contribute it to a homeless shelter or a local food pantry or something. then you can feel good and good but not at all guilty. 🙂

  8. As someone with 2 cases (yeah…you read that right…cases) of peanut butter patties, I hear you.
    However, I was a girl scout, and while it’s never really cold in Texas, I still get chills when I see them walking door-to-door selling. I remember doing that in the Midwest, when it was literally freezing outside, and how crushing it was to walk around in the cold for hours only to have someone shut the door in your face. I also think the girl scouts do good work, and I always support organizations that do good work.

    So, what to do with 48 boxes of cookies?
    I give a lot of them away. My neighbors, co-workers, and friends know they really don’t HAVE to buy them from the girl scouts, because they have me. It’s my way of spreading the sugary goodness around while making sure the girls scout troop of my favorite girl scout gets the funds they deserve.

  9. I buy ’em and then bring to work. It’s a win-win all around. That’s how we also ended up having a “Happy Friday the 13th!” double chocolate fudge cake at work last month…

  10. Do what i do … buy two boxes and then tell the brownie to knock on the neighbors door and tell them she’s giving away two boxes of cookies and that my neighbor can take her pick! Win-win (or lose-lose, if you really wanted the cookies!) :o)

  11. During the Girl Scout cookie season, before I left the house, my son would tell me, “Ma, whatever you do, don’t look into the eyes of the evil girl scouts. Just don’t do it.” I didn’t see any Girl Scouts this year, must have been the snow. Ah well. Maybe it’s not to late?

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