This Is A Thing I Love

Something I’ve noticed over the last few years of writing this blog is that when I tell people it’s a humor blog, they almost always tell me a joke in response. This is a thing I love.

Here is a joke someone just told me the other day upon learning I wrote a humor blog. It’s a slam on the Cornhuskers but it was told to me by a fan so I think it’s ok.

What does a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan do when his team has won the national championship?
He turns off his Playstation 3.

Boom. Let’s laugh more today y’all.

19 thoughts on “This Is A Thing I Love

  1. Woman gets pulled over by a cop, who asks for her driver’s license …

    Cop: “Ma’am it says on your license that you are supposed to be wearing glasses.”
    Woman: “Oh it’s okay, officer … I have contacts.”
    Cop: “Lady, I don’t care who you know, it says here you are supposed to be wearing glasses!”

    (I just felt obliged to leave that after reading this post! Thanks for the opening. By the way, I spent 10 years in Lincoln, from 1971-1972. Lived near the corner of “T” and 32nd streets. When I was there, the best pizza was square and came from the Chicken Delite … I hope things have changed since then.)

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

      1. You’re pretty funny for a kid. I shared your blog on my Facebook page this morning … as soon as I figure out how to share it on my blog, I’ll do that (WordPress challenged here – funny how one can know how to program in multiple languages and yet be stumped by the stupidest WYSIWYG features.)

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