Captain Thoughtful: I hope this show is like America’s Next Top Model.

Me: Ummmmm….what?

Captain Thoughtful: I hope it’s like Top Model.

Me: I still don’t understand. I just….I really don’t….what?

Captain Thoughtful: The show where they make the clothes and actually have skills.

Me: Oh! You mean Project Runway.

Captain Thoughtful : Sure. Whatever.

Me: This was weird.

You know that thing where someone you love says something so out of character that your brain can’t process it and it feels like you are in a surreal dream? I bet there is a German word for it. That is what this conversation was.

7 thoughts on “Ummmm….What?

  1. Lundyn says:

    I personally love google translate im not exactly sure how much you can trust it buuuut according to good translate weird in German is unheimlich.

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