You Know That Thing…

You know that thing where you realize you are talking too much, but you can’t seem to to stop yourself from talking, and then you just keep talking and talking and talking and in your head you keep telling yourself to shut up but somehow your mouth doesn’t get the message and then you start to panic because you realize how annoying it must be for the other person but you just keep talking and talking and talking? That thing happens to me all the time.

40 thoughts on “You Know That Thing…

  1. Sometimes my mouth moves faster than my brain and I end up stuttering and “tripping” over my words. Then I get so frustrated because nothing comes out right that I make that annoying sputtering fart noise with my lips and them I feel stupid for making that noise all the while yelling at myself in my head.

  2. La Labouche says:

    This is perfect. My mouth-babble almost matches my brain-babble. Luckily the former can’t keep up with the latter, otherwise it would be even more embarrassing!

  3. kl12784 says:

    Reblogged this on whatitslikebeingbasic and commented:
    I’m naturally a quiet person at first .. unless I have some alcohol in me. When I don’t know how to act around someone I typical just start rambling. Long story short this is my social abilities (if thats a thing) in a nut shell

  4. To me it’s the opposite of that, I have to keep telling myself to talk, I find it always difficult to keep on conversing. What do you actually talk about that much for long?

      1. I’m thinking it is because we have beautiful minds! I have found the only insurance I have is to tell people ahead of time, it is ok with me if they tell me to shut up! It works for them and usually leaves me laughing, everyone wins!

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