Insanity – Blame It On Pinterest

If the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over while expecting a different result then PINTEREST HAS MADE ME INSANE. I have tried hundreds of “tips” or “tricks” or “DIYs” or “life hacks” that looked completely amazing and perfect on Pinterest but end up in total disaster for me in real life. But I just keep trying them over and over again expecting a different result.Β Insanity.

Sleeping with your hair in twists for the perfect curls? Done it. I woke up with hair that look like if a Muppet electrocuted itself and then got caught in a tornado.

Using a sharpie to make a cute pattern on a ceramic plate and then baking it to keep it from rubbing off? Done it. I am still trying to wash off pink sharpie from my hands, where it decided to become permanent, but the sharpie on the plates washed off at the first drop of water.

Wrapping the perfect present? Done it. My presents would look better if a child had wrapped them and then kicked them around for a couple hours.

Probably all these things are my fault and I’m sure Pinterest isn’t to blame, but really it is. Because Pinterest always makes me think I can do things that I know in my heart I can’t. Stop giving me false hope Pinterest. You’ll be receiving my DIY therapy bills soon.

33 thoughts on “Insanity – Blame It On Pinterest

  1. I just started blogging- and wrote a post about pinterest. You make a good point, and I love it! I dislike it because everyone assumes if I do something successfully, it’s because Pinterest told me too!

  2. kamrynwhowanders says:

    I think the problem with Pinterest is that they assume you have a basic level of grace/craftiness which you don’t necessarily have. Also, random people on the Internet do not always know what is best for other random people on the Internet

  3. Jonathan says:

    Pinterest is just the conduit for all the people posting impossible rubbish… people are the problem. People are ALWAYS the problem πŸ™‚

  4. Hair like a Muppet electrocuted itself and then got caught in a tornado…..bahahahaha!

    P.S.- Pinterest doesn’t give me false hope, because I’m too lazy to try most of the stuff on there. It does, however make me feel like I’m failing at life.

  5. Worry not, you are not alone. Just like those perfect gifts you see on TV that make you sit up and say “that would be great for aunt Petunia!” It’s two in the morning as you rush to get your credit card, another glass of wine and yet another gift is crossed of your list, with just “three easy payments.” Only to discover the next day, that incredible gift is on clearance in the dollar store. πŸ™‚

  6. Joanne says:

    YES! I call it “PinterHELL” for just those reasons…waaaaay too much pressure to try and keep up with it all! πŸ™‚

  7. I can relate. I’ve tried a TON of those hair tutorials only to be disappointed. The flat iron on a braid, sleeping in braid, sleep in twisted hair–yeah, disaster!

  8. Yessss! I love this. I’ve had so many pinterest fails that I’m debating starting a series of sorts of my pinterest attempts. I think I’ve had 2 maybe 3 successful attempts at anything. Although the sharpie on mugs actually worked for me. I made 10 of them, not a single washed off.

      1. The one trick was it has to be a cheap quality mug. Walmart works best because the glaze will actually melt when heated. Expensive mugs will not melt, because theyre better quality.

        Next, You have to use regular sharpie (I’ve never had success with metalic). Put it in the oven when its OFF, turn it on to 250. When it beeps to temp, leave it on 10 minutes, then turn it off until it is COLD before taking it out.

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