12 thoughts on “Surviving Your Twenties

  1. Im 23 and i feel like because i am no longer living at home im really finding myself so i loved your answer about when you basically ran away from home at 23.

  2. I think you are a wonderful creature GirlOnTheContrary, some of your life advice I shall try and apply to my own, like laughing. I NEED TO LAUGH MY ASS OFF MORE 🙂

  3. What a great post! I didn’t know you were a Texan! Now I like you that much more. 🙂

    Because you write in such a humorous style, I didn’t realize you had experienced the many D’s of the Twenties: disappointment, depression, drama, etc. That makes me respect you even more.

    I imagine that these hard experiences, coupled with your “independent and tough” raising, are largely what has given you the foundation necessary to write the way you do. You are adored, and there are many of us who are thankful for your writing!

  4. Really cool, friend!! Even though I’ve successfully survived my 20’s already, these are good pieces of life advice no matter what age. And I’m glad red wine made an appearance 😉


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