18 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. Have you ever been to northern Europe in winter? Don’t, you will hate it here as well. I love/hate the cold. I love it when I’m inside with a cup of hot wine and cinnamon and I hate it when I have to wait for a bus without gloves. :S

  2. “Why, it is she who has got all Narnia under her thumb. It’s she that makes it always winter. Always winter, and never Christmas, think of that!”

  3. But she’s such a good villain! 🙂 In the movie, I loved the winter aesthetic and was actually depressed when all the snow started melting. Maybe that makes me an evil person.

  4. CRGardenJoe says:

    Hey, she was hot and she had candy. And the Good Guy was a Lion who could eat people. Narnia was clearly a messed-up place. Unlike Iowa or Nebraska. Welcome to the frozen north … do you want to build a snowman?

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