It’s Official. My Luck Is Hibernating

I am in the thick of a bad luck streak peeps. It seems like nothing is working out for me lately. But I have a plan. Or at least, I have some thoughts that when viewed as a numbered list resemble a plan. Sort of.


1. Get up on the opposite side of the bed.

2. Take a healing/uplifting bath with rosemary essential oil. This will put me in a good frame of mind and make me smell nice. Multitasking!

3. Do laundry to wash the bad luck off my clothes.


That’s it. I didn’t say it was a *good* plan. I mean, basically, it’s wake up, bathe, do chores. But, it’s all I’ve got. And at least, even if my luck doesn’t change, my clothes will be clean so that’s something.

16 thoughts on “It’s Official. My Luck Is Hibernating

  1. Katie says:

    Good things come to those who are willing to occasionally get up on the opposite side of the bed. And laundry doesn’t hurt, either.

  2. briedioguardi says:

    I have been following your blog and I love how your posts show your personality with a relatable twist! Take a look at my blog and let me know what you think! 🙂

  3. Wake up, bathe, do chores. It IS good plan. Cuz it’s A plan. Stick with it til you get out of hibernation… (and remember to wash your hair. dirty hair is ew.) Enjoying your blog… keep on trucking….

  4. Haha “wash the bad luck off my clothes.” That’s a good way to think about doing laundry! I make therapeutic plans like that as well. Things such as cleanliness and nice smells make a big difference!

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