Here Is A Thought On A Friday



Today, would have been his sixth birthday. The following is one of my favorite memories with him, and it occurred just one week before the accident. I am beyond thankful for that weekend that will always be remembered as the “weekend before”.


Aiden: Will you play with me? I’ll be Captain America and you be Batman.

Me: Of course! But, if I’m Batman am I the bad guy?

Aiden: (Shocked and slightly disgusted look on his face) Ummmmm, what do you think? Batman is a GOOD guy. We’re both GOOD GUYS. Duh.

Me: That’s true, but Batman definitely has some darkness in him.

Aiden: Oh geez. That doesn’t maaaaaattttttter, he did good things and didn’t let the darkness control him. Duh. Now let’s play!

Me: You’re a really smart kid you know that?

Aiden: Yeeeeeesssss, I know that. Let’s PLAY!

And then we spent the next hour shooting Nerf darts at each other and random targets around the house. It was one of the best hours of my life.

19 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. Caroline eynon says:

    Oh Lauren , thank you got writing that down. I’m so glad he got to be with you all that weekend. He had an amazing time with you n Matt! He had light n love flowing out of him didn’t he!

  2. Gorgeous story. I don’t know about Aiden, but I know he still feels your love. Your memory has made me decide to stop doing the housework and go outside and play with my kids. Life is precious.

  3. Queen Sylvia says:

    Happy Bday to Aiden. Hope he listens from somewhere up and points that nerf gun at us laughing. Beautiful story.

  4. Some of my best memories are of nerf gun wars with my kids when they were that age. The giggling and laughing and just plain old having fun. And I got to act like a kid, too, giggling and laughing along with them. I’m glad you have that memory. But, ultimately, this thought is just so imminently sad. I haven’t followed you long enough to know what “the accident” was, but, damn, this is sad.

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