The Downfall of Living In A College Town

Overheard at dinner….

Dude Bro: Bro – that chick was NOT hot. She was so OLD. Probably like 32.


Captain Thoughtful: We should leave before you get stabby.

Me: Oh honey. I would *never* stab that kid. I don’t want to physically hurt him. You know I’m nonviolent. I just want to ruin his life and make him feel terrible *emotionally*.

Youths! Amiright?


19 thoughts on “The Downfall of Living In A College Town

  1. Once when I was 28 I got called a cougar by some guy who was probably 22. I felt like acting like one and hunting him down. I wonder what he would call me now that I am 34.

  2. What I never got about this everyday common exchange (I think we have all overheard this conversation somewhere) is that when I was 18 I thought 30 year olds were hot all the time…

  3. “Stab, stab, stab them all,
    “We’re the stabbers of Stabbington Hall…”
    -from the Evil League of Evil application videos on the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog DVD.

  4. SarahUncool says:

    Haha, I lived in a college town for a while. I also happened to be in college at the time and yes, I could get very stabby at times. 🙂

  5. I feel your pain. I have to say, though, that those kind of comments no longer get to me. It’s what they EAT that makes me feel old. I see the 100-pound college student with her chili- cheese fries and brownie bites and remember that my last excursion into buffalo wings resulted in two days of writhing stomach pain.

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