Always Bring Enough Ice To Parties

Overheard at the grocery store…

Dude 1: Bro, you didn’t need to buy two bags of ice.

Dude 2: If you are asked to bring ice, and you don’t bring enough, you look like a f%&kin asshole.

Captain Thoughtful: Truer words were never spoken.


Y’all, always bring enough ice to the party. Always.

20 thoughts on “Always Bring Enough Ice To Parties

  1. We have occasional get-togethers at our house. We typically have one cooler with beer and another cooler with sodas and waters. I buy a lot of ice to smother them. My wife always thinks I buy too much ice. To which I think to myself … “ummm, the idea behind ice and drinks is to keep the drinks cold. throwing a few cubes in the cooler isn’t gonna do it. you’ve got to bury drinks in ice to keep them cold for the hours that people are going to be there.”

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