Well That Was Terrifying

Last week, Captain Thoughtful and I were leaving the grocery store when we heard someone shout “Fire in the hole!” My first instinct was to take cover of course, but then we heard them shout it again, so I felt that running for my life was the better option. I think I chose well.

Nothing seemed to happen and I guess it was a prank? I don’t know, it sounded serious to me and Captain Thoughtful once had firecrackers shot at him (AT HIM) in Lincoln so I guess that’s something we have to be constantly vigilant about here?

Anyway, it was terrifying and totally not worth the potato peeler we were there to buy.



26 thoughts on “Well That Was Terrifying

  1. That is scary, but also funny, mainly that nothing happened. I saw something similar to that recently. It was a guy dressed like a Mortal Combat fighter waiting in an elevator for the next person and would “fake” attack people. I guess some people have a sick sense of humor.

    1. Dude, I would think fake attacking people would be pretty dangerous. Like, if someone fake attacked me, I would probably punch wildly in the air and one of those punches might actually connect with their face.

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