16 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. I live in St. Joseph, MO. Just about two hours south of you now. I have a great friend who lives in Austin. When we go to visit him the FIRST place we go is Torchy’s. I’ve never lived in Austin, but I crave those tacos and that queso like no body’s business. I have found a few recipes that are close. If you’d like them let me know! Now I want tacos….Torchy’s Tacos.

      1. Here you go! I got these recipes from friend who lived for years in Austin and then moved to the Maine area. She was jonesing pretty bad for some Torchy’s. Of course, you can add your own flare….

        Poblano Ranch Sauce
        1 small bottle of Ranch dressing (I’d actually use less)
        1-2 fresh poblano peppers
        3 tablespoons lime juice
        1 clove garlic
        1 tablespoon honey
        3 tablespoons olive oil
        salt and pepper

        Broil peppers in the oven. Turning peppers so all sides turn black. Remove and set in a bowl covered with plastic wrap for 5 minutes. Remove seeds and chop up. Combine all ingredients in a food processor.

        You know for the tacos you’ll need flour tortillas, pico, fried chicken strips, lettuce, possibly some pineapple…you know what to do.

        Torchy’s Queso Dip

        64 ounces Velveeta
        16 ounces lean ground beef
        4 teaspoons taco seasoning
        1 chopped onion
        2 jalapeno peppers
        4 tablespoons cilantro
        10 ounce can green chilies rotel
        spicy chipolte sauce
        4 ounces cotija cheese

        Brown hamurger and half the onion. Add taco seasoning. Cut velveeta into chunks and put in crockpot. Add raw onion, rotel, and diced jalepeno. After cheese melts add the browned hamburger.

        To serve like Torchy’s

        Scoop of guacamole. Pour queso over guacamole. Garnish with cilantro, cheese, and a drizzle of chipolte sauce.

        Enjoy!!! Let me know what you think!!!! I’m so making this soon!!

  2. I hate that, when you have a food in your head that you can only get far away. There’s an almond croissant in Chapel Hill that regularly calls my name. Sadly, I’ve been in Massachusetts for close to two decades now. For all I know, the almond croissant doesn’t even exist anymore. Still, I yearn.

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