33 thoughts on “Here Is Thought On A Friday

  1. “There are distant lands with burning sands
    That call across the oceans,
    There are bingo games every fun-filled day
    And Margaritas at the midnight buffet
    Margaritas at the midnight buffet!”
    -Muppet Treasure Island.

  2. I just dog-sat the other week and I opened a cupboard to find the exact same thing… weird. Also, english spelling is horrific. Please revisit the the word, “cupboard” to see a prime example. I am pretty sure that if you just say it out loud to yourself you could think of at least six different ways of spelling it without even getting weird or blaming your own accent.

  3. This says a great deal about your devotion to life and happiness. You are a woman with a plan!

    I had a horrible scare the other day when I drank while forgetting that I was on antibiotics. As I went to take my evening dose, I paused in horror. Had I involuntarily committed suicide? Would I die, or would my depature from the earth linger over several hours? I pictured myslef calling an ambulance and having my stomach pumped at the hospital. Naturally I hit Google, and after several worrisome minutes discovered I had very little to fear, although the combination was far from recommended. I went to bed, but did not feel fully at ease until the next morning when I found myself still alive.

  4. I think that deserves a comprehensive study, like maybe try it for a week and if you are still walking (after the booze wears off) then go for another week. Do it for posterity and document your findings (when you can see straight).

  5. Roxie says:

    Both vitamins and alcohol make your liver work hard. To make sure it’s doesn’t get over-worked, I like to skip my morning vitamins on a day I plan on getting my drink on. So, not vitas tomorrow morning! 🙂

  6. Absolutely you can. And make sure to take that Vitamin D! Yesterday they came out with a study that low Vitamin D can cause Alzheimers. We live in New England where the sun is so weak it barely grazes the earth. I push Vitamin D on everyone I know.

      1. Roxie says:

        I actually gave my mom a chocolate fountain for her birthday, and she never uses it. Do you want me to ask if she wants to re-gift it to you?

  7. Charlie Close says:

    Good thinking. Another unrelated question: can anyone stop you from taking vitamins with margaritas? They’d better not try.

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