Life In Lincoln

So, we are officially moved into our house in Lincoln. It was hard and I cried a lot because Texas Forever, but I am sure I’m going to like it here. So, here are things I’ve learned about life in Lincoln thus far.

1. Honest Abe’s. EAT AT THIS PLACE. The burgers are INSANE. Also, parmesan truffle fries. Basically, all of the NOMS.

2. There are not enough stop signs. Like, there are many places it should be a four-way stop but there are no stop signs. None. I find this concerning.

3. We have a pet squirrel. Sort of. There is a squirrel called Sam that is missing half a tail that will eat out of your hand. I also suspect this squirrel to be sort of psychic or like telepathic. Sam is wiser than you would expect a squirrel to be. I wonder if she used to work for Cinderella or Snow White? Sam seems like a squirrel who would totally dress a princess and help her clean up her house.

4. The staff at Whole Foods in Lincoln is SUPER nice. Like, the friendliest Whole Foods employees I have ever interacted with.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got right now, but I’ll keep y’all updated on life in Lincoln.

24 thoughts on “Life In Lincoln

  1. My cousin and his wife live in Lincoln (he’s a transplant from MA, she was born in NE). They both agree that “niceness” is a defining characteristic there; people are almost pathologically polite too (hence the lesser need for stop signs).

    So while I know you’re missing Texas, I’m glad you’re in such a NICE place.

    Drive carefully, though. 😉

  2. Martyn Lee says:

    I had some of those parmesan truffle fries at a place called Meat & Potatoes in Pittsburgh, they really were amazing!

  3. Massachusetts is like that with the stop signs as well. Where there should be a light there’s a stop sign and where there should be a stop sign, there’s nothing. And there are all kinds of merges here where it is TOTALLY UNCLEAR who has the right of way.

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