Today Is A Big Day.

Today is a big day for Captain Thoughtful – any well wishes would be appreciated. For my part, I have a plan in place that involves cunning, shenanigans, Kreutz BBQ, laughter, and beer. Like, all of the beer. All. Of. It. I would give you all the plan details but the good Captain reads this blog every time I post because he’s supportive like that and my shenanigans would lose their shenanigans-ness if he knew about them in advance. Here is a hint – it involves beer.

Good luck today my love!Β  You are going to knock all ofΒ the people’s socks off (which is why I’m bringing extra socks for everyone in case you were wondering what all those socks in my purse were for).


9 thoughts on “Today Is A Big Day.

  1. That’s such a sweet thing to post! Wish him loads of luck πŸ™‚ Hope he’ll do great and knock off lots of socks, like you want πŸ˜‰

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