When I’m Gone

I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am and what type of legacy I might leave behind someday. And, I’ve decided that when I’m gone, I hope that if people say one thing about me, it’s that I knew more than anyone else when it came to artisanal pickles.

Just kidding, I don’t know anything about artisanal pickles other than nom nom nom. I hope that if people say one thing about me, it’s that I was kind.

I want to be kinder than I am funny. Kinder than I am intelligent. Kinder than I am pretty. I want to be kinder every day than I was the day before. That’s what I hope people say about me when I’m gone.

How about you?

27 thoughts on “When I’m Gone

  1. Adrienne says:

    I’ll say it about you when you are alive. You are kind because you take the time to read replies and then reply to them. And you are more than funny. You make people feel good. And you make it ok to be silly. This is very important in this messed up world. That’s kindness in action.

  2. Molly Golightly says:

    This is a really nice post, I feel the same. I was at my aunties funeral recently, and in the speeches everyone said how kind she was and how she never had a bad word to say about people. It made me wonder, what would people say about me? In one of the speeches, my cousin told us that my aunty couldn’t understand people with bucket lists. She believed that if you want to do something just do it, don’t wait or put it off or write it on a list for “one day”. Apparently she lived by this rule, and even though she only had 60 years, she lived them to the fullest and did exactly what she wanted to do. I think that being remembered as not only a kind person, but someone who lived their life to their best ability, is an amazing legacy to have.

  3. I would like to be remembered for being honest and always looking on the bright side of life and sharing a smile even when everything is falling apart. I would also like to be remembered for being fair…I think fairness like kindness is also in short supply so I try every day to be as fair as I can be.

  4. I often think about how people will remember me. Often times I dream about life after I’m dead, and follow people from my life, post me. But thats morbid. I’ve never thought about how I can plan for what people will think of e though. Its a neat idea for a vision board later.

  5. Kind is great! When I’ve thought about it before, I’ve thought about wanting to be remembered for making people smile or being a good listener or really being present with others…but I think those all boil down to kindness. Throw artisanal pickle knowledge in there, though, and that’s how legends are made.

  6. Oo, what an introspective question. Perhaps I’d want it said of me that I always made people feel perfectly okay about being who they are. Maybe that I loved and listened unconditionally.

  7. I love reading your blog btw! I would want people to say I was always there and down for whatever. I like to think of myself as dependable and carefree. I would want people to say that no matter what they could depend on me and that i gave my all when i could.

  8. Steve says:

    They may say, “He was kind enough to not only read her blog, he also looked up information for her and thanked her for ‘educationaling’ his day.” 🙂
    Actually, they will say that I liked to make up words to make the world ever more interesting.

    NEW YORK — Factory workers at Brooklyn Brine, a 5-year-old artisanal pickle purveyor headquartered in, well, Brooklyn, make a starting wage of $16 per hour — double New York state’s mandated minimum of $8 an hour.

  9. “We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter’s the one
    and Voldy’s gone mouldy, so now let’s have fun!”
    -Peeves, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. As Ron said, “Really gives a feeling for the scope and tragedy of the thing, doesn’t it?”

  10. I want to be remembered as kind and loving, just like you. It’s rough to think about – the legacy of me when I’m still trying to figure out the here and now, but that’s a good legacy to work towards.

  11. emmlaa says:

    It is a toughy….. however I asked friends as part of a task from my living out loud book to help me when it came to listing things about myself…. ‘Looking on the bright side’ came top… optimism is something I don’t normally see with my own problems but with other people it’s easy I suppose…. My 3 years at uni did teach me how to pick myself up quickly and move on from issues that needed to be left in the past… What’s the point in worrying about things you can’t change… anyway so yes I am an Optimist and that’s what I think people will remember when i’m gone… that and my very blunt sense of humor ( is blunt the right word?)

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