You Can’t Beat Us.

My best friend Mary and I can not be beaten at games like Taboo and Celebrity. We are unstoppable. Unsinkable (but not like how the Titanic was unsinkable, we’re like *really* unsinkable).

Need proof?

Last weekend, while playing celebrity, we were in the miming round and I was giving the clues. I turned my head to look back and within 2 seconds Mary yelled “Mr. Thornton!”

Nailed it.


If you don’t know who Mr. Thornton is, I suggest you rent/buy/stream North and South immediately and prepare yourself for some grade-A British romance.

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Beat Us.

  1. Love that example:) Not sure you could beat my sisters at Taboo. They’ve managed to play whole games using Beatles lyrics and family references (i.e., “gross stuff at health food store!”). None of the rest of us will play with them until we’ve been nagged into submission.

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