I Am A Child Of The Corn(Huskers) Now

As realmommaramblings guessed so quickly on April 3, and what I can finally give you the details of today (which is totally way earlier than I thought I could tell you), the big news is that Captain Thoughtful and I are moving.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 12.46.00 PM

To Lincoln, Nebraska.Β We are children of the corn(huskers) now.


Things I have done since finding out about this move include:

– Buying snow boots

– Buying a winter coat, that’s like, a *real* winter coat

– Worried incessantly about where I will get good Mexican food and BBQ

– Quit my job (as of Friday)

– Checked to make sure that at least once Taco Bell in Lincoln serves chili cheese burritos

– Made a list of everything I want to do one last time in Texas before we move

– Made sure I owned at least one red shirt. (I do. I have exactly one.)

– Checked to see if there was a Whole Foods in Lincoln. (There is. Whew.)


Any Nebraska-ites (Is that a thing?) have any advice/tips/favorite spots to share?


46 thoughts on “I Am A Child Of The Corn(Huskers) Now

  1. ordinaryquitecontrary says:

    Love everything about this post!

    There was a time – a few months ago where my husband was looking at out of state positions and I was all for it because I felt like I needed a change. Very much like you there were certain things that NEEDED to be within 20 minutes driving distance to wherever we ended up. I needed a Target nearby, a decent grocery store nearby, some kind of mall even if a small shopping plaza, and some sort of fast food chain again within 20 minutes driving distance.

    The move never happened but we did however just move into a new apartment in the same city we live in and I love that I still have my Target less than 5 minutes away.

    Good luck in Nebraska!!!

  2. I’m from the Lincoln area and you’ll love it I’m sure. Just make sure to not wear enemy colors on husker game days. Seriously, you’re viable to be maimed if you do. Other than that we’re really friendly out here! πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like a radical change. Assume job related. You must listen to Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska”, though whether it will make you feel good I don’t know.

  4. Woah, that’s cool. I attend grad school in Lincoln on the weekends. πŸ™‚ I will say, the niceness sometimes weirds me out there. In a good way, of course.

  5. “And what is a journey? Is it just.. distance travelled? Time spent? No. It’s what happens on the way, it’s the things that shape you. At the end of the journey you’re not the same. Today is about change. Graduation doesn’t just mean your circumstances change, it means you do. You ascend… to a higher level. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing.” -Mayor Wilkins.

  6. Wish we had expanded to Nebraska so we could help out! Darn it. Wait, maybe you could be our ambassador for Nebraska! πŸ™‚ haha good luck with the move. When you get sick of Nebraska, come to Denver!

  7. OMG~ I knew I liked you for many reasons, but this is a biggie πŸ™‚ As a native Nebraskan, I bid you welcome. You will NEED that real winter coat many months of the year, but you will find there are great reasons to enjoy living here. Nicest people on the planet if you ask me, I’ve lived elsewhere, but came back. Contrary to popular belief there’s lots to do and see. Lincoln is definitely a college town, if you want some culture head over to Omaha. Any time you have questions let me know, I’ll be happy to oblige. Cheers!

  8. I went through the Taco Bell drive-thru last week and there was a sign posted that the Chili Cheese Burrito was going away. Of course I thought of you and how it’s lucky you don’t live here. I’m glad they’ll have them where you’re going! I hope you enjoy Nebraska for many other reasons besides that too. I’ve never been there, so you’ll have to tell us all about it. πŸ™‚

  9. Well, I’m not a Nebraskan, but: introduce yourself to Taco Johns, if you go through Paxton you must stop at Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse, and settle in for being part of The Good Life. We’ll see you in Wyoming if you ever need to take a weekend road trip.

  10. Dana says:

    Moving away from Texas, you will want many winter coats, warm waterproof boots, kit-caps and scarves. It will probably take you a while to get used to the cold.

  11. CRGardenJoe says:

    Moving north on the plains–clearly a good idea (in May). Yes, the concept of “wind” will mean something new next January. And if you want a real food adventure, plan to try RAGBRAI some year–a large group, sweet-corn-and-pie-and-beer consuming party of 15,000 that moves like a silly slo-mo bicycle riding locust invasion every summer across nearby Iowa.

      1. I will plant something for you, I will call it girl and force it to bloom toward, where is it again…you know it will freeze things that should not stick together, right?

        Have fun on your great adventure.

  12. I wish I had time this morning to tell you everything that I love about Nebraska. I was born and raised not 60 miles from Lincoln. Lived in Omaha for 7 years after college…nearly my entire highschool senior class lives in Lincoln.

    Best of luck! Get to a Runza and try their food. The German sandwich is a huge part of NE life. I’m here if you have questions!!


  13. I’ve never lived there, but my cousin does and I’ve visited. People there are almost pathologically nice. πŸ˜‰ Good luck there. I hear the winters are harsh but the summers are wicked hot. Which actually might be no problem for you, coming from Texas. LOL

    And hey, if you meet a tall guy with a thick Boston accent and a severe Starbucks addiction, tell him his cousin in Jersey says Hi. πŸ˜‰

    1. By the way, that “good luck” was just because you’ll be in a new place, and not AT ALL to be snarky about Lincoln. It was a lovely place to visit, and my cousin and his family love it there. Adjustments to different seasons notwithstanding.

      I think they have a Raising Cain’s there, if that’s a draw. Which I guess depends on whether that’s a new thing for you (it was for me) or same-old-same-old. πŸ™‚

    2. I’ll keep a lookout for your cuz! I’ve heard how nice everyone is, and when we visited it definitely seemed like that was the case, which is really great because I’ve found niceness preferable to meanness. πŸ™‚

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